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En famille

En famille


The hardships of everyday life and the endless horizon have shaped Magdalen Islanders’ strong identity and unique culture. Their extraordinary story began at La Grave, the islands’ oldest fishing harbour. The Musée de la Mer, with its attractive contemporary architecture, is the perfect place to learn about their colourful past.

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Museum experiences

  • Family Photographs - Perhaps you recognized your grandfather, your father’s high school or a building that’s no longer there in one of the photographs on display? The Museum would be happy to copy any of the photos in its collection and lend a hand with your genealogical research. Ask us!
  • The Museum’s permanent exhibition is full of evocative items, images, historic documents and cultural heritage items. You’ll marvel at the islanders’ ingenuity, hear tales of waiting for storm-tossed boats, peek inside cosy homes, and more.
  • Check out the current temporary exhibition for some Magdalen Island history, culture or heritage – or local artists’ or artisans’ perspectives on the Islands’ soul and beauty.
  • The lobby might even be turned into a third exhibition space when you visit. Or perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to visit on one of the days when visitors are welcomed behind the scenes, to see its collections. And don’t miss the display cases in the local shopping centre, Place des Îles, which the Museum loves to fill with old photographs reminding people of the schools, winter sports and Christmases of yore.
  • There’s always lots for kids to do at the Museum, too. See for yourself in the program of activities.