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Biodôme de Montréal

Closed until summer 2019 for major renovation

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Accessibility rating : Full access. Services for people with Hearing impairments.


Closed until summer 2019 for major renovation

Discover the Biodôme, where more than 4,800 animals from 220 different species and some 500 plant species await you under one roof.

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Museum experiences

  • Experienced guides will lead you on a trip through the Americas that begins in the luxurious tropical rainforest.
  • In the Laurentian Maple Forest, where – no small feat – the cycle of seasons is reproduced, lynx, beavers and otters will delight you.
  • Next, the gigantic saltwater basin in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence offers a view of its rich submarine fauna and the many birds that live on the surface.
  • The visit ends with the charming penguins of the sub-antarctic regions … a unique experience!