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Bioparc de la Gaspésie

Open from June 22, 2020

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Accessibility rating : Partial access.

En famille

En famille


In a natural environment with plentiful vegetation and habitats thought with the comfort of the animals in mind, the Bioparc trail wanders through five ecosystems from the Gaspe Peninsula.

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Museum experiences

  • Dare to spend the night with the wolves! Experience an extraordinary night in a prospector’s tent, with only the animals and two naturalist-guides. Listen to the wolves and coyotes calling, hear the great horned owls hooting or head out to observe the bats.
  • Share the intimacy of about forty native animal species while walking on the outdoor trail. Attend the popular animal feeding and take part in the discovery activities.
  • Board the Bécasseau and head out to discover an ecosystem typical of the Gaspe Peninsula: the barachois. The twelve passengers’ pontoon boat, with its captain and a guide, will lead you through the Bonaventure river estuary. Wild animal observation and interpretation of the natural and human history are on the menu.
  • In the amphibians and reptiles pavilion, download the game “Lulu la tortue ” (Lulu the Turtle). Discover the underwater and terrestrial world of the leatherback turtle and free “grandma turtle” from a fishing net.