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Biosphère - Montréal Space for Life

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The Biosphère joined the Montréal Space for Life museum complex. It presents exhibitions and artistic installations, prompting dialogue between science, culture, social innovation and the environment. Located in the heart of parc Jean-Drapeau, this pioneering example of sustainable architecture and iconic architectural landmark of Montréal offers breathtaking views of downtown Montréal and the St. Lawrence River.

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Museum experiences

  • Ecolab: Channel your inner researcher and learn about environmental science in a brand new interactive lab.What is science and how do we practise it? The brand new Ecolab examines these questions and introduces you to the scientific method—using air and water pollution as illustrations.
  • Planet MTL: Pretend you’re the mayor of Montréal and, using a 3D interactive model, see how difficult it can be to run a major city. How will you manage this urban ecosystem and its many challenges?
  • With the exhibition This is not an Umbrella: The science and art of weather, discover the many facets of the weather and how they relate to planetary phenomena. Come and enjoy an immersive experience in surroundings that evoke movement and energy transmission—two concepts that are central to understanding the science of weather.