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L'îlot des Palais, historic and archaeological site

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En famille

En famille


The whole history of New France and its aftermath awaits you in Quebec City, at l'îlot des Palais, an exceptional historic and archaeological site where digs have been conducted over the past three decades. Some 500,000 artifacts later, it's time for you to learn more about this fascinating site's eventful history. Come on your own, with family our friends, and step back in time!

The exhibition presented in the authentic 18th century vaults tells the spellbinding story of this key site in Quebec's capital city. Artifacts, records, 2D and 3D projections make for a thrilling journey. Come see some captivating sites : the Jean talon Brewery, the three Itendant's palaces, the jails and the King's store, not to mention the Boswell-Dow brewery.

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Join in our virtual excavations on the site: you'll see artifacts appear on your tablet right where found, and learn about what archaeologists do.

Where's Marcel ? Grab your tablet and go looking for him. Discover the extent of the Intendant's domain.