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Accessibility rating : Partial access. Services for people with Hearing impairments.

En famille

En famille


Unique in Québec, the Musée POP bears witness to the unique identity of Québec’s diverse and evolving society. Its dynamic and bold exhibitions are thought-provoking and encourage discovery. Adjacent to the Museum, the Old Prison of Trois-Rivières, classified a historic monument, offers an unforgettable visit-experience behind bars. 

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Museum experiences

  • With family or friends, the museum exhibitions are designed to give you the opportunity of enriching experiences. Children are at the heart of our concerns and we reserve them a place in all of our exhibitions.
  • Visit the old prison of Trois-Rivières. Through the rich testimony of ex-inmates, you’ll get a get a sense of what life behind bars was really like at the time. The cells and isolation cells will surely make you feel happy to be free!