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The Biosphere, Environment Museum

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En famille


The Biosphere is the only North American museum solely dedicated to environmental sustainability. The institution fosters a dialogue between culture, social innovation and the environment since 1995.

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Museum experiences

  • Become mayor of Montreal and face the major challenges of this innovative, dynamic, culturally rich and festive metropolis. A three-dimensional interactive model and a breathtaking 360° fresco will immerse you in the heart of Montreal and the various socio-economic issues it faces.
  • Discover how Expo 67 was one of the first events to discuss environmental issues in the Echo 67 exhibition. Pictures, stories, anecdotes and artifacts from the event will make older visitors nostalgic and inspire younger ones!
  • Habitats2067 : Through a colourful and interactive journey, discover how to build futuristic, eco-responsible neighbourhoods inspired by Moshe Safdie’s vision.