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Tsiionhiakwatha-Droulers Archaeological Site Interpretation Center

From mid-April to End of October


Around 1450, some 500 St. Lawrence Iroquoians set up camp on the banks of the La Guerre River, where the municipality of Saint-Anicet is located today. Five centuries later, farmer François Droulers found a small axe in one of his fields … Since then, archaeological digs have unearthed the remains and artifacts (some 500,000 of them!) of the largest Iroquoian village ever discovered in Quebec.

Just 75 km from Montréal, the Droulers-Tsiionhiakwatha Archaeological Site Interpretation Centre showcases these fabulous remains and invites visitors inside a faithfully reconstructed longhouse. It all makes for a fascinating encounter!

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Museum experiences

  • Tentsitewaiena, Ecotourism at its best
  • In Mohawk, Tentsitewaiena means “Let’s work together again.” The Droulers-Tsiionhiakwatha centre, the Lac Saint-François wildlife reserve and the Mohawk cultural camp on Thompson Island have pooled their resources and expertise to offer you a fantastic adventure based on the history and traditions of the Mohawk nation. Discover some exceptional habitats, in a spirit of co-operation between Natives and non-Natives and with respect for the environment.
  • Join the Centre’s expert guides and explore the palisaded village, the longhouses and the traditional garden. The fun and informative Kionhekwa exhibition will give you a close-up look at the lives and traditions of the 15th-century Iroquoians.
  • Every Saturday and Sunday in July and August, there are activitIEs for the whole family. Watch a flint-knapping demonstration, take part in a corn-doll making workshop or taste some traditional fare.
  • Dreaming of immersing yourself in the Iroquoian world, with your family or friends? Why not spend a night in a longhouse? Along with professional guides, you’ll take part in two workshops, visit the interpretation centre and enjoy a Native-style supper and breakfast, not to mention all the interesting lore you’ll hear from the guides – and an unforgettable night