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Spring break at museums: the joy of having fun together

Nathalie Lampron, Museologist & Writer

© Musée Stewart / Photo : Elias Touil

In the midst of the drawn-out winter, spring break brings families together for timeless moments, but also simply for some stress-free fun. Québec’s museums have concocted the perfect activities, devised as a release or to explore new worlds. Your turn to play!

What to do at museums during spring break? Here are a few suggestions, depending on your discovery style of choice.

All-inclusive-type activities

Many museums offer special programs for spring break, including animated activities and the necessary supplies. Why not take advantage? Such types of participatory workshops initiate children and adults alike to techniques, scientific phenomena, and know-how. Alternatively, they can get their creative juices flowing, and be inspired by artwork and artists to create their own works. Museums address a wide variety of themes, such as paper or bread making, microbiology, archeology, collaging or modelling, discovery of exotic animals, and many more! Let yourself be inspired by your passions or take a gamble on something you’re totally unfamiliar with. 

There’s no need to produce something at all cost or to do the right thing at museums. Rather, museum visits are an opportunity to exchange and explore together. And perhaps even provide a chance to unveil the unexpected talents of the young – and old! 


Musée d’archéologie de Roussillon. CC BY-NC-SA / Photo : Amélie Picquette

Complete freedom to choose activities

Leadership is more your style? Autonomous programs exist in various forms, such as booklets, mini-games, geo-rallies, and games on tablets. Give them a try! Or lead the way through exhibitions at your own rhythm. Become explorers or detectives for the day, putting your observational skills to the test. Within the exhibition spaces, who will be capable of locating the oldest or most intriguing objects? Whenever possible, check out the schedule of shows and demonstrations to complete your experience. At museums, the simple pleasures of learning in alternative ways are fully explored. 

Share your impressions throughout your visits. Describe the scene, object, or artwork in your own words. Do you all view the exhibition the same way? 


Centre d'Exposition de Mont-Laurier. CC BY-NC-SA / Photo : Nicolas Aubry

A winning combination for families

In accordance with the ages and interests of your children, combine visits that will appeal to everyone. For instance, participate in a creative workshop, then visit exhibition spaces freely; or explore an exhibition, then go play outside – sometimes even on the grounds of the museum.

One thing is certain: Québec’s museums offer inspiring environments to be enjoyed together during spring break – rain or shine!