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Museum Corner


It’s almost Halloween ! Dare to plunge into the unknown and have some scary fun in the haunted halls of Quebec’s museums !

Halloween is just around the corner, get set for a journey of eerie encounters and frightful sights. Quebec's museums have cooked up a potent potion of spooky activities guaranteed to quench your thirst for bloodcurdling thrills and intrepid discoveries. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the many ghoulish activities that await you behind a museum door near you.  


Summertime in Québec's Museums: a Refreshing Experience!

Along the route of summertime delights, museums add a refreshing breeze with their wide range of exhibitions and stimulating activities. Ready your senses as you journey through different worlds and listen to new voices: memorable experiences await you!


Cultural Landscapes for all Tastes in Quebec Museums! 

You like to wander off into different cultural worlds to explore unique, stimulating and unexpected vistas? Take a look at the season's offer in Quebec museums: your curiosity will surely be piqued. Here you will find all you need to put together a program of enriching and fun activities, come rain or shine. Truly an open window on the world!


Beat the Winter Blues in Quebec's Museums! 

Want to slip into a new setting to forget the winter season? Invite your friends and family to visit unique places and explore fascinating worlds in Quebec museums. Something to add warmth and colour to these chilly months! 


Spring break is right around the corner. The time has come for a family getaway in Quebec's museums!

Are you itching for adventures, discoveries and journeys that are both educational and fun? During this spring break, get your fill of explorations and voyages! Quebec's museums invite you to go on trip with nothing but your spirit of adventure, sense of rhythm, imagination, know-how and thirst for knowledge as baggage. 


This summer, get off the beaten path and visit Quebec’s museums!

Do you have ants in your pants and want to step outside of your routine and find new experiences? Lace up some comfortable shoes and head out to Quebec’s museums... and some surprising adventures! Travel along new routes and experience the joy of active discoveries and the unexpected. Here are a few suggestions to add to your memory bank!