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En famille


The Musée huron-wendat is a Quebec institution created to conserve and promote the heritage of the Huron-Wendat people. It’s a marvellous introduction to the history, culture and arts of the Huron-Wendats and other Canadian First Nations. Yiheh aweti’, welcome one and all!

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Museum experiences

  • Guide tours are a great way to get the most out of the Museum’s two exhibitions – Territories, Memories, Knowledge and the current temporary exhibition – and the Ekionkiestha’ longhouse, opened in 2013. The discivery package takes you to three historic Wendake sites: the Notre-Dame-de-Lorrette Chruch (1730), Tsawenhohi House (1820), and the Kabir Douba waterfall, where there is a lovely fresco.
  • The Territory, memory, knowledge and gourmet package lets you tour a longhouse along with a couple who will explain everyday activities and life in a traditional Huron-Wendat village. Use the craft techniques you learn to make a souvenir you can take home with you! The package also includes a guided tour of the Museum and lunch at the renowned La Traite restaurant.
  • Snow on the ground? Follow a guide straight out of the 19th century for a snowshoe walk and then warm up next to the fire with a delicious cup of Labrador tea or steaming hot chocolate.
  • Spring, summer, fall … take the Tsonywa’ndiyonhrat (“We all share a single spirit”) trail along the Akiawenhrahk River. Thirteen panels explain the Huron-Wendats’ essential bonds with nature.