Société des musées du Québec

Naval Museum of Québec

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The Naval Museum of Québec tells the history of the St. Lawrence River and the Naval Reserve of Canada. You will be captained by historical records which appeal to emotions and which encourage questions on the impact of wars and the importance of working for peace. You will discover unknown stories: St. Lawrence naval battles, the men and women's stories which have made the history of the Canadian Navy.

Museum experiences

  • At the end of Pointe-à-Carcy, in port of Québec, admire the river changing landscape  to the grazing of the seasons and the many port activities.
  • Several objects of the collection and archival documents are presented in the heart of the exhibition to illustrate the naval universe: navigation instruments, models, personal objects of the seamen…
  • The exhibition Heirs of Wars presents the experience of war through the eyes of families and friends of veterans. A touching visit, that bring us to reflect on the impact of wars and the need to work for peace.