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Maison Nivard-De Saint-Dizier, musée et site archéologique

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En famille


Located at the foot of the Lachine Rapids in the Verdun Borough, Maison Nivard-De Saint-Dizier, musée et site archéologique is an outstanding example of rural architecture in the early days of the French regime. The house, built in 1710, sits on the largest pre-historical archeological site ever discovred on the island of Montréal, revealing First Nations occupation that dates back over 5, 500 years ago.

Museum experiences

Step back in time! The permanent exhibition showcases the treasures unearthed during archaeological digs conducted here, demonstrating just how popular this site was with First Nations people over the years. You can also admire the 300-year old building and some of the finds made when it was restored recently

To learn all about Native history, there’s nothing like getting your hands a bit dirty. The whole family can join the simulated archaeological digs every weekend (except when it rains), and turn up some very realistic-looking discoveries!

Enjoy the museum’s cultural activities for all ages: fishhook- and Native pottery-making workshops, lectures on Native settlement patterns and Montreal History, Native storytelling evenings, and much more.