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Text in the Exhibition Medium (épuisé/solded out)

Schiele, Bernard ; Jacobi, Daniel ; Poli, Marie Sylvie et al.; Blais, Andrée (ed.). Text in the Exhibition Medium. Montréal : Société des musées québécois ; Québec : Musée de la civilisation, 1995, 314 pages. ISBN : 2-89172-024-5 ; 2-551-13496-X (hardcover)

Intended for practitioners in the museum network at large, this book is a compilation of 12 essays in which specialists from a wide array of disciplines share theoretical considerations and practical advice on the presentation of text in the museum environment. Oral text, reading strategies, the critical process of writing, the design of a scripted itinerary, and printing processes are among the topics discussed. Includes a checklist of items to consider when evaluating scriptovisual text. Also available in French under the title L'écrit dans le média exposition.

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